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Why do an internship in Spain?
For many years Spain has been a popular travel destination. Sun, sea, beaches, culture and nature: Spain has got it all. In this beautiful country, you will find marvellous (historic) cities, overwhelming architecture, delicious food and a great atmosphere in all the cities. It is a great option when looking for an internship abroad.

Spain has gone through a great economical development over the past years and now belongs to one of the most important economies in Europe. Many multinational corporations have opened offices here. The fact that Spanish is spoken within more than 40 countries by over 400 million people worldwide, makes the knowledge of this language an absolute plus for your future careers as well. Because Spaniards themselves usually do not speak other languages very well, it can be a great benefit for companies to place an international student. There are many affordable options to fly to several destinations within Spain, whilst still having the opportunity to return to your home country for important occasions; this makes Spain a perfect option for an internship abroad.

Madrid is the political, economical and social capital of Spain and is situated at the centre of Spain. In addition to the many tourist attractions, it is the Madrilenians themselves which make this city so attractive. They are extremely friendly and like to integrate with foreigners and show them their culture. In the many pubs, tapas bars, and street cafés, it is party-time 24-7, all year round. In the centre of the city is Puerto del Sol. Every night thousands of Spaniards gather together around the clock tower.

The many "plazas", and several parks (of which, Parque del Retiro is the most beautiful), give the city a pleasant atmosphere. As the capital of Spain, it is also the base for many multinational corporations and banks. It is by far the most important city that functions as a link between the European Union and Latin America, partly because of the Spanish language. Madrid is a destination with many interesting (internship) possibilities. If you want to learn Spanish in Madrid without doing an internship or voluntary work program, we can recommend both Linguaschools Madrid and Estudio Hispanico.

Population: ca. 3,5 million


Climate: summer 30°C winter 11°C

To do:
  • Eat, drink, party and have a taste of the lively atmosphere at the many plazas of which Plaza de Santa Ana, Plaza Puerto del Sol and Plaza Mayor can not be missed
  • Go and pick up a bargain or two at the Sunday market: El Rastro Visit the top class art museums Prado, Thyssen, Bornemisza and Reina Sofia
  • Rent a boat, relax or go jogging in Parque del Retiro
  • Discover the lively nightlife in trendy Chueca or simply join in a “botellon” in one of the streets
  • Visit a soccer match from the big star team at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
  • Take a bus or train to touristic hotspots such as Toledo or Segovia

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