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Assistant BA
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The intern will be controlling the billing, prices and benefits (accounting outsourced) and will be having regular contact with suppliers and be involved with monitoring.
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Why do an internship in Argentina?
Argentina is a beautiful country, with a large variety of natural, cultural and other tourist attractions. Not only do the Argentines love to travel in their own country, people from neighbouring countries and many Europeans also know what it has to offer. When staying here for a holiday though, time is always limited and you are only able to get a first impression of the country. Luckily for you, whilst doing an internship here, you will have plenty of time to really get to know this lovely city/country and discover the real Argentine culture.

After a tumultuous past of dictators and military power, it is now one of the most stable countries in the Latin American region. You can travel safely, the infrastructure is well organised and daily expenses are quite affordable compared to expenses in westerns countries. Foreign companies are investing in the country and are opening offices, the working population is highly educated and they can make use of many natural resources. This is why Argentina is now one of the most important economies in South America. The fact that Spanish is spoken within more than 40 countries by over 400 million people worldwide, makes the knowledge of this language an absolute plus for your future employers as well. Because Argentines themselves usually do not speak other languages very well, it can be a great benefit for companies to place an international student. All in all, a perfect option for an internship abroad.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is one of the most important cities in Latin America. Within the capital of Argentina, life continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will find great architecture, be able to shop endlessly, find the best Tango schools and experience a nightlife like nowhere else. 3 million people live in the city, which spreads out over more than 40 areas (barrios). All barrios have their own atmosphere and culture. If you are after the best Argentine-Italian restaurants you have to be in La Boca, for shopping, check out the wealthier Palermo and for the best art and antiques head to San Telmo with its arty shops. With the citymap of Paris used to build the city, its boulevards, historic buildings and relaxing parks makes Buenos Aires the most European of all cities in South America. Go to the Linguaschools website if you only want to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires without doing an internship or voluntary work program.

Population: ca. 3 million

Argentinian Peso (prices at website in USD)

Climate: may-september ca. 14 °C, november-march ca. 23 °C

To do:
  • Plaza de Mayo, with the Cabildo (historic ayuntamiento) and the Casa Rosada
  • Visit the Teatro Colón and state theatre Cervantes
  • Relax in Palermo Park in the middle the Palermo barrio
  • Visit the Sunday morning market at Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo
  • Eat out in Recoleta
  • Experience the unique atmosphere in the old city quarter, La Boca, with its colourful houses.

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