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The intern will be involved with planning, organization and execution of the commercial actions aimed at potential clients. The intern will give assistance to the commercial..
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Communication planning, publishing institutional information, assess in different communication strategies.
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frequently asked questions


Do I have to do a Spanish course?
Yes. The main language spoken in most companies will be Spanish.  To participate in the programme and guarantee an internship at one of the companies, you will have to speak Spanish at least a B1-B2 level according to the official levels of the European Framework.  The Spanish course is a fixed part of your programme which assures us that you have reached or will reach this level.  If there is no option for you to do a Spanish course first, we unfortunately cannot assist you.  If, however, you are a native speaker of Spanish or you can prove that your Spanish is of a very high level, please contact us for further options.
How does it work with the support on site?
Within your first weeks of the language course you will meet your internship co-ordinator.  This person is works for our partner language school and will be your first point of contact. The co-ordinator takes care of any required support on site and maintains contact with you for the duration of the language course and internship.  He/she will also maintain contact with your company mentor.  If you do encounter problems during your stay that you cannot resolve with the help of your company mentor and/or co-ordinator, you can always come back to us at linguastage.
Do I get a certificate after participation on the internship programme?
You will receive a certificate from the language school with your level of Spanish achieved, based on the official levels of the European Framework. You will also receive a certificate or letter from the company that you completed the internship with successfully.


Who can enrol?
The internships offered by linguastage are for students, studying secondary vocational education or for a bachelors or master degrees.  We can also place graduates of these levels.
How long before I go, do I need to enrol?
We strongly recommend that you apply at least 3 months before if you want to book an internship programme. We need this time to carefully arrange everything for you, to get in touch with the potential internship companies and to make the right match. The sooner we have all of your information, the sooner we can confirm your internship. Please be aware that during the months of July and August in Spain, and December and January in Latin America, decisions to place a student are often delayed due to managers being on holiday.
When can I start?
You can start at any time of the year. Starting at a company in the months of July and August is not possible in general, although starting your language course during these months is no problem at all.
I don’t speak Spanish. Can I enrol in the programme?
Yes, you can. But bear in mind that you will need at least 10-12 weeks of Spanish lessons before you can commence your internship, depending on the course intensity. After we have received your application and your documents, we can give you a better indication of the number of weeks you will need to take Spanish lessons before the start of your internship.


Does linguastage charge an inscription fee?
No, an inscription/enrolment fee will not be charged.  The payment procedure is as follows:
Only after linguastage can guarantee an internship and you (and your university mentor) have agreed to the proposed internship programme, we do ask you to pay a deposit of 200 EUR.  Once we have received the deposit, we will begin to send your details to various companies.
You will need to pay the outstanding balance for the programme (total sum minus the 200 EUR deposit) within 14 days of receipt of confirmation of your selected internship company. 
How can I pay the deposit?
You can pay the deposit by bank transfer, by PayPal or credit card. You will receive the exact instructions by email once we have confirmed your participation in the programme.
Does linguastage pay any expenses during the internship?
The companies in Spain and Latin America are not obliged to pay any expenses to their trainees. Although it really does depend on the company/field in which you are placed. In Latin America internships are unpaid. Companies in Spain that do pay expenses to the student, usually pay between 50 and 350 euro a month. We will always try to do our best to get remuneration for you, but unfortunately we cannot give any guarantees about this in advance.


Do you need a visa or working permit to work in Spain, Argentina or Chile?
As an EU citizen you do not need a visa and you will always get a work permit for Spain. When doing an internship in Argentina or Chile you will be provided with a permit on arrival for the duration of 90 days. This can then be extended whilst you are there. Obviously you must also hold a valid passport with sufficient time remaining on it. We do suggest that you contact the nearest embassy or consulate to check out the latest information on this. If you are a citizen, not living within the EU, please contact your embassy for the correct information or contact linguastage.
Do you need health insurance?
You must have insurance for health care and it is recommended that you have additional travel insurance for your stay. Always contact your insurance provider prior to departure.
Does Lingua take care of the flight?
You should book your own flight. We can give you advice about recommended and/or affordable airlines. Please contact us for further information.
What is an airport transfer?
You can book an airport transfer in advance. A private driver will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your apartment or directly to the school. The price will depend on the city you are going to.


What type of internships are offered?
We can arrange internships in various fields for students studying for a bachelors or masters degrees or studying secondary vocational education. Recent graduates are also welcome. The best suitable internship will be selected based on your education, restrictions, preferences etc. The content of each internship will therefore vary, but in the majority of cases you will be working for 4/5 days a week in the company. Besides this, students are often involved in carrying out (market) research, analysis and projects etc. Many companies deal with international clients/suppliers/buyers, whilst others operate in the national/local market only.
Can I apply together with a classmate for an internship?
It is possible to apply together with a classmate. If you have the same level of Spanish you will be placed in the same class and can stay in the same accommodation. The chances of being placed in the same internship company are limited though. We do need both application forms and you do need to mention that you want to apply together.

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