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Planning and carrying out direct marketing and sales activities in accordance with business plans, market research, competitor and customer surveys.
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- How does it work with the support on site?
- Do I have to do a Spanish course?
- Do you need a visa or working permit to work in Spain, Argentina or Chile?
internships in spain & latin america
internships in spain and latin america
Welcome to linguastage; specialised in internships and volunteer programmes in Spain and Latin America.  Together with our partners, we organise internships and volunteer projects at various levels across a wide range of organisations, companies and fields.  In these pages you will find more information about the internship programmes that we offer.

Internship Options
We organise internships in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Buenos Aires and Córdoba in Argentina, and in Santiago, the capital of Chile.  In addition to internship mediation, we offer Spanish language courses and can also provide accommodation with support on site.  We mediate in orientation and graduation internships for students studying for a bachelors or masters degree or studying secondary vocational education.  Recent graduates looking for a way to gain practical experience and improve their Spanish in a professional environment are also welcome.  

Within all of the above mentioned cities we can provide internships in many different and interesting companies.  Branches and fields where we have possibilities are:  

Tailor Made Internships
For each individual student we tailor-make a programme based on study, availability, experience, preferences and any specific requirements from educational institutions.  With this information we commence the process of finding an internship together with a co-ordinator. We look at the available vacancies, but in the majority of cases we will contact companies who are able to offer an internship to a person meeting your personal profile.

Finding an internship in a country with different cultural and other professional customs to which you are used to, can be very difficult and extremely time consuming.  We are happy to take this work out of your hands.  Together with our local partners, we have the expertise needed to prepare you for your stay abroad and to match you to a suitable internship company.  We strive to provide personal, clear and prompt feedback.  Other benefits of using our services include:

If you have any questions or require any further information after reading through our website, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Best regards,

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