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Package A – Spanish Lessons & Internship Mediation

Spanish course
The primary language spoken within the majority of the companies is Spanish.  Other languages, such as English, are rarely spoken.  Thus, the ability to speak Spanish is a necessary requirement to be able to integrate within a team and to be able to communicate with your colleagues.  This is why most students begin their programme with an intensive language course before they commence with the internship.  This way they  are able to reach the required level of Spanish which will enable them to  be involved in more complicated tasks.  So, not only will you get practical experience, you will also learn to speak another language at a  professional level.  Lessons take place from Monday to Friday in the weeks prior to the commencement of the internship at specifically selected schools who have experience in dealing with students participating within the internship programmes.

The length of the Spanish course you will need to attend before you commence your internship   depends on your current level of Spanish, but it will take at least 2 to 4 weeks.  If you are an absolute beginner with the language you can still apply for the programme, but, you do need to count on attending a course for at least the first 10 – 12 weeks of your programme (depending on the course intensity and sort of internship you are looking for).  In general, you should have reached at least a B1-B2 level before you can commence the actual internship. (more information)

It is down to the internship co-ordinator to determine the minimum number of Spanish lessons that you need to enrol for in order to guarantee the internship afterwards.  This will be based on a level test and further internship requirements.  Only in exceptional cases will there be an option to start in a company where the Spanish level is under a B1.

Internship Mediation and Support
From all your information you provide, an experienced local co-ordinator will select the best possible internship for you, meeting your personal profile and any specific requirements from educational institutions.  All applications are handled with great care and all matches are based on students’ profiles.  To get an impression of the types of internships we can offer, take a look at the vacancies section on our website.  Please note that this is simply just a selection of the options we regularly have available.

For the duration of your stay abroad, you will be able to contact the local co-ordinator.  This person is familiar with the companies and will inform you about your first day of your internship.  They will provide assistance wherever possible and can help out with any problems on location.

Package B - Spanish Lessons, Internship Mediation & Accommodation

This is exactly the same as package A, but includes accommodation during your stay.

If required, we can also arrange your accommodation for you.  We can book this for as long as you require it for, whether it be for the entire duration of your stay,  or, for example, just for the first few weeks.  At each destination there are different types of accommodations that we can book for you.  A full description of the options available can be found in the specific internship destination information on this website.

Airport Transfers  
When booking accommodation, we can also arrange a transfer from the airport.  You will be picked up by a private driver who will take you to your accommodation.

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