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Architect Assistant
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research, drawing, site visits, photography, measuring, client and internal meetings. Observe and assist with technical research
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frequently asked questions

- Who can enrol?
- I don’t speak Spanish. Can I enrol in the programme?
- How long before I go, do I need to enrol?
internships in spain & latin america
internship in 7 steps
Our programmes are open for anyone aged between 18 and 30. Besides needing to be independent, flexible and sociable, there are some further requirements; you must be studying for (or recently finished) a bachelors or masters degree or studying secondary vocational education. You need to be able to speak and understand English at a decent level and must be willing to undertake a Spanish course on location so that you will have reached at least a B1 Spanish level before the commencement of the internship. You must be in the possession of a valid EU passport or visa and have medical insurance covering any medical expenses whilst you are abroad. In order to organise your programme, we need to receive your application at least 3 months prior to your desired start date. If possible however, we recommend that you apply some time before.

Below you will find the steps that need to be taken in the application process (click on the highlighted fields for the relevant information/application forms).

Prior to the internship During Your Stay After the Internship
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Step 1: Apply at linguastage
The first step consists of sending the required documents and information:

1.  The completed application form on our website
2. Add your CV with photo in Spanish or English (use this CV model)
3. A motivational cover letter in Spanish or English, explaining your interests and what type of internship you are looking for (including the period you require and when you are available etc).  Try to be as flexible as possible.
4. Inform us clearly about your current level of Spanish (where and for how long did you study it?)
5. Look at the application tips
6. Where you have studied Spanish before, we will send you a Spanish level test

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Step 2: Analysing the documents
After we have received all of your documents, the local co-ordinator will make a careful analysis. Within 8 working days, we will inform you if we can accept you on the internship programme. You will be informed by us as to which cities we have internship possibilities in. At this stage we will indicate the duration of the language course you need to do to guarantee the internship and advise you of which field/branch we can offer the internship in. We will also give you an indication of the cost of your programme.

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Step 3: Deposit and personal interview
After linguastage has informed you about the internship possibilities, you will need to decide (and discuss our proposal with your study mentor from university) if you agree with the internship programme as proposed. If you (and your university) are happy with the programme, we ask for a deposit of 200 EUR to complete and confirm your enrolment.

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Step 4: Internship Confirmation
After we have gone through the final details, we will start to contact possible internship companies.  From this moment we need approximately 8 weeks to confirm your internship company.  In almost every case companies will ask for a personal interview with you before they can confirm the internship.

The outstanding balance for the programme (total sum, minus the deposit of 200 EUR) has to be paid within 14 days of receipt of the confirmation of your internship company from us.

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Step 5: During Your Stay
Support on Site and Spanish Lessons
During the initial weeks of your programme you will be taking part at an intensive language course at one of our partner schools.  You will also meet the internship coordinator, your first point of contact. The co-ordinator is responsible for supporting you on location and will keep in touch with you for the duration of the language course and internship.  He/she will also know your company mentor.  If you do have any problems during your stay that you are unable to resolve with the help of the company mentor and/or co-ordinator, you can always come back to us at linguastage.

Personal Interview at the Company     
In most cases you will have a personal interview with the company offering the internship prior to your actual start date.  Some of the companies prefer to contact you by telephone before your arrival in Spain or Latin America, however most of the companies will do this when you are there.  Where you have not had this interview prior to your arrival, you will have it within the first weeks of your stay.  The purpose of the interview is to go through any final details with you and make sure that you are indeed the right person for the internship, but also to check that your Spanish level is sufficient.  It is also the moment to reiterate your expectations and make sure that you are happy with everything.  Following the personal interview the internship will be 100% guaranteed.  In virtually all cases the company does accept the trainee however, in case of the company decide not to place the trainee after all, an alternative placement be offered.  Of course all the involved parties have to agree to this alternative.

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Step 6: Internship Contract
After all parties involved have accepted and agreed to all the above mentioned details an internship contract containing the job description will be drawn up and signed by the internship company and the trainee (and the university where necessary).

Linguastage will keep in touch with you and the internship co-ordinator during your stay.

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Step 7: After the Internship
Linguastage considers it important to evaluate the programme you have booked in order for us to see if there is anything we can improve upon  in our service for the benefit  of our future students.  Perhaps you  may have some tips for our students or would like to share any experiences you had  which is why we would be grateful if you could fill out an evaluation form upon your return.

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