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Assistant Law
legal issues research, assisting in document preparation and case management, collaborating in the mediation between parts.
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Spanish language course
Prior to your internship you will participate in an intensive language course.  This way we can make sure you will reach the required level of Spanish in order to work in a Spanish speaking company.  The duration of the course will depend on your current level, but will take at least  two weeks.  Before you can start at the company, you should have reached a B1-B2 level (more information).  Based on your level test and internship requirements, the internship co-ordinator will determine the minimum length of your Spanish course in order to guarantee your internship afterwards.  Only in exceptional cases is there is an option to start at a company where your level of Spanish is under a B1.

Language school Santiago
During your internship in Santiago, the Spanish lessons will take place here. The course will take place at a specifically selected school where they have experience with internship programmes. Lessons are provided in small groups so personal attention is guaranteed. In each class you will find students from all over the world with different backgrounds and educational levels.

Course days/ time: Monday – Friday (20 lessons)
Group size: 8 students (maximum)
Content: Comprehension (written/oral) 




Lesson duration: 55 minutes
Holidays: Click here for official holidays

School description
The language school is located in Providencia, one of the nicest areas in Santiago. The school is housed in a historical, but well preserved building and has all facilities such as a kitchen, multimedia room, lounge room and a ping pong table. The teachers are friendly and happy to help you. Together with the rest of the school’s staff, they will make sure you feel comfortable.

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