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Reception desk
[valencia, spain]
All tasks related to receptionist work, clients attendance, check-in and check-out, providing information, dealing with complaints. The intern will acquire skills necessary to work in an international environment.
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(application) tips

You only have one chance to make a great first impression!

Companies will base their decision, when offering you an internship, on the information that you provide.  For the benefit of all parties involved, it is important to try and avoid the case of  a company turning down your application due to unclear information being provided and thus the selection of a suitable internship taking more time.  If you provide a clear CV and a motivational cover letter, there will be much higher prospects of companies picking your application out of the, sometimes many, other candidates.  It is essential to pay close attention to this and to make sure all information is complete and correct.  We will assist and advise you in relation to this, but however,  please bear in mind that at  the end of the day it is you that they will offer an internship to.  To help get you started, please look at the following tips:-

The CV

Application/Cover Letter

During the Internship  

First impression

There is only one chance to make a good impression. The first few days/weeks of the internship can be the most important and can frame your entire internship.  Do not try to get involved in the most complicated  tasks straight away but simply try to show them  that you are motivated and flexible. It can take some time to for you to gain their confidence but once you have this, tasks of more complexity will follow automatically.

Spanish Language

In general, most of your colleagues will only speak Spanish.  By participating in the language course prior to the commencement of your internship, we try to endeavour to progress your Spanish skills to the best possible level.  However you will need to keep working on improving your Spanish during your entire stay.  By integrating with your team and carrying out more challenging tasks, you will find that your language skills will develop leaps and bounds.

Requirements of the Student

Doing an internship abroad requires flexibility and independence.  If you are unsure that you will be able to get used to the Spanish/Latin American mentality, or find it difficult to cope with being away from home, you may find that an internship in your home country might be a better option for you.   You are yourself responsible for completing the programme successfully. The content of your internship (tasks/assignments) is something we are not involved with.  The responsibility for this lies with you, your university and the mentor at the internship company.  However, if you do have any problems you can of course come back to linguastage at any time.  Finally, needless to say, you are expected to give  100% commitment to the programme.  

(Company) Culture

It is important that you respect the local culture at all times.  Be aware that the (company) culture may be different to what you are used to.  Maybe you are used to just popping into your manager’s office at your current job when you have a query?  Within most Spanish companies this is not the case.  Work schedules can be also be different.  Employees (and trainees) in Argentina and Chile are used to working a maximum of 30 hours per week and in Spain companies might close the doors for a siesta each afternoon!  In Latin America internships are unpaid, but also in Spain expenses are not always provided.

Some other Useful Tips

Money matters

Doing an internship abroad will incur expenses.  In some cases however you can make use of financial support available to you and be provided with a grant (Erasmus for European students for example).  We suggest you contact the international office at your university for further information  about this.


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