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Assistant Trade
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Preparing and validating documentation for shipping goods and products, verifying applications for licenses to ship to other countries
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student comments

“The Spanish lessons where good. Friendly teachers. All very friendly and helpful. Because we didn’t speak Spanish very well an therefore needed to communicate in English, the level (of the internship) was absolutely fine (…). Colleagues where all very friendly. We noticed that Spaniards are working less hard than we are used to. It is more relaxed. The supervisor was very friendly. He always helped us with everything.

“The contact we’ve had with linguastage was good! Our emails where always replied fast. We where informed with the company where we where placed 1 week in advance and got the address of the accommodation some days before our departure. Maybe an advice to provide these details sooner the next time”

“Thanks for the good cooperation! Together with Fiore, we’ve had a wonderful time in Valencia. We really enjoyed it and are looking back to it in a very positive way.”

Fiore and Stefanie, Marketing & Communication, internship in Valencia

“It is going very well over here! The language course was good… Now I am working hard and I am getting quite some responsibility and freedom, so that’s fine. The apartment for the first month was also ok. I lived together with a señora, but she was real friendly”

David, International Business and Management Studies, internship in Barcelona

"The internship was fine; the first couple of days I didn’t get a lot to do, but that is normal. It takes some weeks of course, before you are totally used to all the work and procedures, and my mentor was always very busy, so therefore it took some more time (…) For a first internship, and looking at the level of my Spanish, it was fine. Maintaining contact with suppliers was one of the tasks, so looking at my level of Spanish, I couldn’t have done more than I did. The work itself was quite simple, but for this period it was ok. If I could have stayed longer, I would have preferred a bit more challenge (…) I had a good relation with my colleagues. There where also a lot of other trainees, so I felt comfortable quite soon”.

“The support within the company was ok, but she was very busy with other things, so I needed to wait a lot in the beginning. Finally I get familiar with my tasks and I could do the work without help. It would have been better if I received more support and explanation. I could get along really well with Vanesa and she showed me a lot of the company, which I enjoyed a lot and found very interesting”.

On the contact with linguastage I “don’t have anything to complain, good support and within the company I felt comfortable quite soon. It was good to have a contact person in Barcelona, in case something would occur, but I didn’t needed to contact this person in the end”.

Eduard, Master Finance, internship in Barcelona

"The quality of the Spanish lessons is okay. A bit more structure would be better. On the internship I was welcomed really well and the tasks I could do where ok. I finished the internship with a good result. The colleagues where patient and helpful. It was a good company to do my internship. I was provided free lunch and transport every day and received a good remuneration as well. The support of the internship mentor was fine, controlling (…). The location of my accommodation was okay, although the landlord was a bit interfering to much. The contact with linguastage could have been more assertive (…). Good service, but I think every University should offer this service themselves actually”.

Lars, Business and information technology, internship in Barcelona

“The quality of the language school is very good because they have a lot of good teachers that are switching between classes as well. Therefore the quality is good, but the diversity as well, so it stays nice. (…). A lovely language school with good teachers and employees”.

“My level of Spanish (during the internship) wasn’t always sufficient, but due to a good knowledge of the English and German language it wasn’t a big problem. Prior to my fist day of the internship I had a meeting with my supervisor. Within this meeting we set some goals and discussed some ideas for the internship. The company gave me all the freedom which resulted in the fact that I could get involved in  matters discussed on the highest level. For example matters like the corporate website, improving internal communication and promotion material. I didn’t finish my report yet, but I expect to get a big plus for it”.

(…) “Working with my colleagues I enjoyed a lot. Due to the fact that the language barrier was solved simply, when discussing complex matters, by switching to German or English, it definitely helped to explain my ideas. My colleagues where really helpful and interested. I didn’t work that intensive with my supervisor, but more directly with the director. With both of them the relation was fine, although the support wasn’t always necessary because I picked up a lot of projects myself and gave them advise about it.”

“The apartment was ok. I expected to live together with other Spaniards, which in the end turned out to be a Polish girl. It would be good to know in advance what to expect (…) The apartment was all fine and my flatmate was very good company.

My experience with linguastage “is positive. The apartment, language course and internship where all arranged very well, so I am satisfied”.

Kim, Master in Corporate Communication, internship in Barcelona

“Everything's okay over here! The language lessons has been useful and the teachers are all very friendly and sympathetic. I reached the B1 level, which was also the plan I thought. I am now in my third week of the internship and until now I am doing alright. I needed to get used to everything the first week, especially to the number of people working here (around 90) and of course to the Spanish. When I have a discussion with 1 person, I can easily understand and respond, but within a group of 15 Spaniards during the break, I need to focus a lot. It is still going to fast for me to really be part of these conversations. When I am thinking about what I want to say, someone else already took the opportunity to respond. It is not a real problem though, listening only is also useful and I notice I understand more of it every day. At the company everyone is sympathetic as well. When they notice that I don’t understand things, they explain it very well and they often ask how I am doing and if I want to come along with them after work is done. The marketing director is also very friendly and this week we will determine the exact subject for my thesis.

Until now I mainly have been working on translating from Spanish to English, to add this information to the website. This week I started to read the annual report to see how the organisation is build up and which problems there are. I will use this for my thesis. So far, I am very satisfied.”

Lilian, Business Administration, internship in Valencia

“We are happy with the internship. The language lessons have been useful, but it’s is a difficult language to learn! Within the company it goes well, nice colleagues and I am supported well. So, only positive notes!”
Coralieke, Tourism, internship in Barcelona

“The language course has been useful, only I didn’t had the time to study as much as I wanted to at home. I am lucky that I can always speak English as well, as most of the employees within the company speak English. The internship is fantastic, I am really enjoying it here. So I will definitely learn a lot out of this”.

Germen, Communication & Multimedia design, internship in Barcelona

“Here in Barcelona everything is fine, time is really flying. The Spanish lessons I enjoyed a lot and where very useful. At arrival we directly received a map with all the information we needed. From the 4 weeks we studied here, we had almost 3 weeks of private tuition. A lot of grammar, which is difficult, but very useful. The quality of the lessons was very good. I don’t think I had a sufficient of level of Spanish. It is very hard to learn it and to be able to use it.

The internship company is fantastic, well matched! Both of the hotels are totally different, but we both are having a good time. It is also very close to where we live, 30 minutes travelling in total. I was welcomed very well by the company. The first day at the “interview”,  I immediately fit on the uniform and received an explanation about the company. The first Monday I met my colleagues who where working at that time. I brought an internship map at the beginning of my internship that needed to be filled in during the internship, but we didn’t use it much. I just worked along with my colleagues and joined them with all of their tasks. All of my colleagues where very special and good in their jobs. I completed all of the aspects that where mentioned in my internship map. I would recommend this company in Barcelona for everyone!

(…) After the first contact with linguastage we had a few more conversations. After we filled in all the documents, we waited for 6 weeks before we received the confirmation of the internship company. My classmate received the confirmation 1 week before me. As I knew lingua guaranteed me an internship, I didn’t worry about that. The contact with linguastage was very good and I appreciated it, that they contacted me during the internship about how I was doing. I would really recommend people to contact lingua.  

Thank you for your email and taking care of all!”

Stefan, Tourism, internship in Barcelona

“On the language school I was welcomed very en there was a pleasant atmosphere. I didn’t had much contact with the internship co-ordinator/ contactperson on location. This wasn’t really necessary I guess. The quality of the language course was good. With more structure within the organisation you might learn more. But at the internship company I really learned to speak the language.

(…) I was welcomed very well at the company! Immediately there was a very relaxed atmosphere. What I would be doing during my internship was explained. They where also quite flexible in what I wanted to do. They where also adapting to me. The tasks I did where under my level. I actually did more tasks related to design and not related to multimediaspecialist where my study is based on. They could have given me more options for this. I did pass my internship and received the credits for it. The colleagues where very friendly and interested. The supervision of my company mentor was good, he always had tasks for me to do. When I needed something, he took care of it immediately.  

(…) We applied with 3 students, so of course it took some extra time before an internship company was selected, but I guess linguastage selected the companies fast enough. The contact we had with linguastage was good and easy. Easy and always available. I never needed to wait long before questions where answered. Also, everything was clear and they where honest. Something that is important as it costs money. Good service. Although the level at the company was under my level. The companies where my classmates did their internship where very good on the other hand."  

Leo, Communication & Multimedia design, internship in Barcelona

“All is going fine, nice weather and a good internship company. I enjoyed the (language) school, where I did the Spanish lessons. It is a good way to meet people in town!

You can’t miss Las Fallas; there a lot of tourists in town at the moment and almost every street is closed down. A very big party! This weekend friends from Madrid will be visiting to experience this themselves as well. It looks like every person in Spain will come here for this event!

The apartment is good, close to the beach, my work and close to a big metro station, connecting to the airport, language school and centre of town”.

Katie, International Business and Management Studies, internship in Valencia

“I would say all is more than enjoying, I like it a lot! I would recommend the language school to anyone who wants to brush up Spanish, the professors know their stuff, topics in the classes are interesting (which is actually quite rare), group sizes are small so there is plenty of oral communication and the atmosphere is relaxed.

The internship is going really well too. I´m working on tasks related to my studies, I have various tasks in different sections of the accounting department and I get along really well with my co-workers. Only thing what I´m worried about is the weather, it´s already starting to get really warm for a Finnish guy...”

Valtteri, Accounting, internship in Madrid