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Graphic design
[barcelona, spain]
interns will be participating in projects or will be working on their own (small) projects. They will participate in creative meetings of briefing, join the creative department.
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internships in spain & latin america

Due to a large network we are able to find a suitable internship in almost every field of study, meeting the preferences and conditions set by you and your university. After we received your curriculum and motivation letter, we will look into the options available with the coordinator in Spain. Below you’ll already find some of the vacancies we have now/ regularly available. It is just a short selection of our possibilities.

If you don’t find an interesting vacancy here, meeting your requests/requirements, just send us your CV and motivation letter so we can look into the options for you.

Vacancies Barcelona:

  > Marketing
  > Business Administration
  > Event Management, Marketing
  > Graphic Design
  > Marketing, Commerce, International Business
  > Marketing, Webdesign

Vacancies Valencia:

  > Social Work
  > Administrative
  > Architecture
  > Graphic Design / Web Design
  > Commerce, Marketing, Economics, International Business
  > IT, Webdesign
  > Journalism, Spanish Culture, Graphic Design
  > International Business, Logistics
  > Marketing
  > Reception, Administrative
  > Tourism, Sales, Client Services

Vacancies Madrid:

  > Finance, Business Administration
  > Marketing, International Business
  > PR, Marketing, Tourism, International Business
  > Spanish language, Marketing, Client Service
  > Tourism, Marketing, Customer Service

Vacancies Buenos Aires:

  > Finance
  > Design
  > Event Management
  > Sales & Marketing
  > International Trade
  > Logistics
  > Media
  > Architecture
  > Tourism

Vacancies Córdoba:

  > Finance
  > Graphic Design
  > Law
  > Journalism
  > Marketing
  > IT

Vacancies Santiago:

  > Graphic Design
  > Engineering
  > Communication
  > Sales & Marketing
  > Logistics
  > Education/ Teaching
  > IT
  > Human Resources

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