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Social work
[valencia, spain]
The tasks will include organizing and prepare workshops plus take care of the evaluation afterwards. Subjects of the workshops will be related to improve studying and social skills.
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Internship code linguastage45
Type of internship: IT
Branch: IT
Location: santiago

Details of the company

Type of company various
Size of the company Between 15 - 35 employees
Company profile: We have more options available

Details of the internship

Position available Software developer
Department Software Development
Dates available All year round
Number of internship positions 1
Compensation No
Internship description: With an internship in this area you will deal with the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, troubleshooting, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. You will be carrying out tasks such as: Participating in software product definition - Requirements analysis - Development and refinement of throw-away simulations or prototypes design - Implementation (e.g. installation, configuration, programming/customization, integration, data migration). Authoring of documentation needed by users and implementation partners etc. Testing, including defining/supporting acceptance testing and gathering feedback from pre-release testers. Software maintenance, administrative tasks and other duties could be assigned.


Studies required

IT related studies

Languages required

Intermediate Spanish, Intermediate English

Other requirements

Advanced student in Software Developing - Independent Pro activity - Solving problems capability. Previous experience is preferred.

Minimum length of the internship

12/15 weeks

Hours per week



This is an internship we have regularly available. Please note that we will always look for an internship meeting your preferences, study and experience. Due to a large network, we will
be able to find a suitable internship in most of the cases.

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